Welcome, behalf of Marzek Kner Packaging Llc!

Marzek Kner Packaging Llc is a part of the Marzek Group which has over 600 employees in three countries (Austria, Hungary and Ukraine). Our manufacturing profile mainly consists of high volume, high quality paper based packaging products; sheet and reel printed labels, and folding cardboard boxes.

Our predecessors played leading roles in developing printing technologies. We dedicatedly follow the direction they spotted. We are continuously making efforts to get prepared for our partners’ requirements through our innovations, while our modernizing development projects serve as answers to questions emerging in the future. Our daily work is based on our strong belief in the future, while our partners’ trust gained through the accomplishments of the past gives us enough power to cope with tomorrow’s difficulties.

Our Vision:

“As a packaging specialist, we all take responsibility for our customers' success."

Our Mission:

“As a private label packaging specialist, we are planning to achieve a delivery service level of at least 98% and a complaint rate of no more than 1% for our key partners by 2028.”