Food industry

Nutrition is important! What you eat and how it looks does matter!

A significant proportion of our production consists of food packaging products. With our label producing machinery we can extend the range of packaging from simple - cut to size - can or tin labels to die-cut shapes in a wide variety.

Technological options:

  • Sheet-fed offset printing (labels and carton manufacture)
  • Reel-fed offset printing (label making)
  • Back-side printing
  • Hot stamping lamination
  • Embossing
  • UV varnish
  • Silk screen varnish (reel-fed technology)

Raw materials:

  • Paper-based label materials (smooth, structured, metallized)
  • PE-based label materials
  • Paper-based cartons (white, kraft, metallized, PE coated)

We offer various forms of packaging materials for foods requiring refrigeration in combination with laminated cardboard + PE, PE + carton + PE materials.

Our professional and dedicated staff and highly developed technological background are at your disposal in designing and producing confectionary boxes of superior quality.

Responding to your demands we manufacture boxes adhered on one or more points, with a tear-up top or separated top-and-bottom solutions. Moreover we expect your orders for producing displays and outer cases.

Corrugated boxes with laminated carton are also included in our product portfolio.

When qualifying our subcontractors we focus on selecting companies certified by ISEGA-food packaging standards complying with EU-regulations.