Tobacco industry

In certain cultures tobacco is essential and indispensable

Producing items of outstanding quality we strive to cope with the gradually growing burden of our costumers from the tobacco industry.

The up-to-date machinery of our printing house has great potentials of producing packaging materials requiring precise cutting and die-cutting of labels, such as flip-top boxes, tobacco wrappers and soft packs. 

Technological options:

  • Sheet-fed offset printing (labels and carton manufacture)
  • Reel-fed offset printing (label making)
  • Back-side printing
  • Hot stamping lamination
  • Embossing
  • UV varnish
  • Silk screen varnish (reel-fed technology)

Raw materials:

  • Paper-based label materials (plain, structured, metallized)
  • PE-based label materials
  • Paper-based cartons (kraft, white, metallized, PE coated)