Design centre for labels, folding boxes

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Creative and More from Marzek Etiketten!

Your graphic ideas are creatively transformed by our design team.

Design includes all technological processes prior to the actual printing, from the graphic design to preparing offset plates.

Design brings creativity and functionality together. We go about our work methodically and professionally. We first start with a meeting to clarify needs and technical options. Nothing is left to chance as we transform ideas into products.

Whether we are developing an entire product line, or a single, unique label, a folding box, or a CD/CI concept, we always focus on feasibility and functionality.

Virtual pototyping, modelling as well as packaging and construction development form an integral part of our design centre; therefore, we can offer you a total solution from a single source.

"Communication is visualised, so your message comes across in a language everyone can understand. Brand names speak for themselves. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!"