Promotions & specialties

Tickets and entrance ticket

These also form a part of the product portfolio of Marzek Etiketten. With our broad array of options, we can transform your individual requirements into a product that perfectly meets those requirements. From a simple scorecard to tickets with sophisticated security features, another Marzek quality product.

QR 2D Barcode

Links to websites, texts and even electronic business cards can be coded with 2D barcodes. Free decryption software apps are available for most smartphones.
Marzek Etiketten will give you detailed advice and training. We offer a full service systems solution tailored to your exact requirements: code generator - label generator - (variable) thermal transfer printing-training-hotline.

Security labels

Making counterfeiting difficult!

Precisely in line with your individual security requirements, we will include visible or invisible security features in your products - from simple copy protection for the purpose of trademark protection to high level security features.

The security production of our security tokens for German returnable bottles is audited and certified each year in accordance with DPG's strictly defined assessment criteria.


Thermochrome inks switch colours upon defined temperature changes, can be reversible or irreversible, depending on the desired effect.

Colours and coatings

You can choose from a large pallet of print colours to meet your needs and requirements. We have our own colour mixing system so that we can optimise the appropriate colour tone to match the printing process.
Standard colours or thermochrome colours (reversible or irreversible), fluorescent or luminescent colours, UV colours, Iriodin colours (pearlescence) and special mixtures, special, protective and decorative coatings - the possibilities are endless!


Well known from games of chance or prepaid cards, you can hide information or surprises with this feature.

Magic Window

This can convert milk glass partially to fully-transparent. An interesting window effect for transparent labels.

Sandwich labels

Are put together in multiple layers - a removable label on a label for a second use.

No Label Look

A transparent label with the effect of the image looking like it has been printed directly on the bottle / container.

Printing with scented ink / scented colours

The most diverse scents are possible! Choose from a long-lasting application with a permanent scent or a scent that is released upon rubbing the scented cover.
Give your products a special flair with this feature - invigorating fragrances such as fruit, flowers, herbs, wood and others, or your own special fragrance.

Package Inserts, Package Information Leaflets

Information is everything!
Whether you require inserts for medication or for an owner's manual. We will design and print the appropriate insert to match your packaging and label.


The 3D image changes depending on the angle, lighting effects and other circumstances. Holograms are often used on security labels or as a special decorative effect.

Diffraction foils

Embossed foils with a decorative, prismatic play of colours in all the colours of the rainbow.

Often used as a means of copy protection for entrance tickets or security labels. They also add a high quality finishing and eye-catching decorative effect.