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History has shown us the importance of labelling products and using brand names. Seals, badges, stamps had already been used as early as in ancient times, and certain container forms or packaging were used in order to allow for the marking of the origin of products as well as of their affiliation to the given areas or persons. At that time, these symbols provided important information for the buyers and they do the same even today.

A wine label conveys more communicative values ​​than merely marking the type.

A perfectly designed label makes it easier to find the target audience. This gives you, the producer an opportunity to convey quality.

The new market situation also makes it necessary to rethink the appearance of wines. This may be primarily achieved by using labels and fine cardboard packaging. The reconsidered packaging opens up new opportunities for selling products, their better positioning, and better market acceptance.

Marzek wine labels – all that and much more!

Full service for winemakers

  • Graphic design
  • Sheet-fed label production
  • Reel-fed label production (numbering)
  • Reel-fed label production using digital technology
  • Design of folding, fine cardboard boxes
  • Production of folding, fine cardboard boxes
  • Distribution of thermal transfer printers
  • Distribution of desktop labelling equipment

You definitely know and appreciate the quality and high standards of services offered by our company, Marzek Kner Packaging Llc as well as by our parent company, Marzek Etiketten GmbH. Our wine department, which has been operating in our company for many years, has been offering the opportunity to provide and get professional information.

Design center

  • with CD/CI development
  • creative ideas
  • optimal graphic realization
  • animated 3D virtual prototyping


  • Fine cardboard boxes for wine
  • Stylish packaging in fine cardboard boxes for wine

Production of

  • Individual labels
  • Sheet-fed labels
  • Reel-fed labels
  • Digital offset labels

Special solutions

  • Thermal transfer printers
  • Labelling technology

World champion label 2010

"Vinidi" our customer Vinidi sro, Slovakia

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